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Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Audio-Description and HOH

We are a leading provider of localization and digital distribution services to the television and film industries. Lylo is a one stop shop solution whether you need Dubbing, Voice Over, Subtitling, Audio-Description or HOH. We provide these services in a rapidly growing number of languages. Thanks to our Cloud-based distributing platform and our innovative and proprietary tools, Lylo ensures that your content is in a highly secure environment surpassing MPAA standards while at the same time accessible from anywhere in the world by our team of approved translators and actors involved in the localization process.


Our platform substantially increases work speed thanks to our “smart work segmentation” technology.


Your media is stored in our exclusive proprietary cloud-based location, secured to the level of current military standards.


You benefit from our efficient platform by saving you on your costs..

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Lylo provides a network of global translators, voice actors, artistic director and recording studios with an opportunity to earn money doing what they love. Our partners are the most talented people we know confirming our partnership by producing amazing work on our collaborative projects. Signing up for the Lylo partner program is easy. Reply to a few simple questions in the become a partner section and start benefiting from doing what you love.

Our revolutionary tools

  • Silcrow for the translators
  • Pilcrow for the studios
  • Cromweb user friendly « tasks » section
  • Secure containers

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